Scope (Vital sphere) and Mandate:

The scope of the center is identified by two imperatives:

  1. The Horn CSIS areas of interest that stretched over strategic (security and defense), political, socio-economic, agricultural and cultural affairs, in addition there are two distinct programs of energy resources and fishers studies.
  2. The Horn CSIS geo-political sphere covers the following:
  • Somalia, Yemen and countries of the Horn of Africa region (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan).
  • Surrounding vital sphere, which includes the Red sea littoral states, and the Gulf States (GCC), Iran, Persian Gulf, and countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

The above-mentioned imperatives, however, are overlapping and as a result, by virtue and the nature of International and local affairs Somalia is affects and affected by the dynamics and interactions of these factors.  Therefore, the Horn CSIS tries to address these dynamics and issues as long as they are directly or indirectly related to Somalia and the Horn region.

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