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Abiye’s Ethiopia – Somaliland: signed a Controversial MOU -Port Lease &
Recognition Issue, knowing full-well that Somaliland is a region & part and parcel
of sovergn & independent Somalia. He intentionally heralded the Horn of Africa
(HoA) region into a political, security, economic and out-rights war between
Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea, and even outside Regional actors i.e. Egypt, UAE
and NATO (US& UK).
“On November 26, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed denied reports that his
government was planning to wage war to gain access to a seaport. It was his
second attempt in as many weeks at reassuring neighboring states in the Horn of
Africa that his pursuit of a new import gateway for Ethiopia would stay
The MOU (signed between Abiyi Ahmed who is facing 7 internal wars against
Amhara, Tigrey, Oromo, Somali & Afar regions of Ethiopia, as well regional wars
the Benishangul war, the rift with Eritrea and now with Somalia, the Al- Fashaqa
Border conflict with Sudan, and the unsettled dispute with Egypt over the GERD
and the Blue Nile waters on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).
This MOU is between two political losers (PM Abiyi, Ahmed of Ethiopia, and
Muse Bixi of Somaliland), who both have failed miserably in their own record of
administration and Governance of their respective administrations.
For Abiyi and pockets …Ethiopia has just defaulted unable to pay $6 million
borrowed from private banks. While Somaliland Governor Muse Bihi’s term
has expired in 2022 , waged a clan-war(s) against 4 sub-sub-clans of Somaliland(
Awdal, NorthWest , Togdheer, Sool & Sanaag ) with more than 5000 deaths,
189k internally displaced peoples and across the neighboring(Djibouti +Ethiopia, )
borders since 2022-3 Clan war against HART peoples of SOOL & SANAAG
regions of Somaliland(NW Somalia).
So Is Abiye’s Quest for Port Access Legitimate Or
Another Proxy War for UAE Project.
Ethiopia is Land-locked country since Eritrea independence in 1991.Since then,
Ethiopia’s main corridor has been Djibouti, where 95% of the goods exported &
imported to Ethiopia passes through Djibouti Terminal. It has been the main
corridor for Government, commercial and humanitarian cargo to Ethiopia.
Ethiopia _ Djibouti share ownership of the only railway from Djibouti port to
Addis Abab which has been the main life-line connecting the Djibouti Port to the
capital city of Addis Abab, carrying both freight and passengers.
Ethiopia currently uses Berbera Port with which it bought 19 per cent stake,
with Berbera Port Authority of Somaliland, while SL is retaining 30 per cent and
with UAE’ DP World retains the 51 per cent of the B. Port Authority (BPA)shares.
A commercial agreement with Somaliland, DP World and Ethiopia since 2019.
Ethiopia has a commercial agreement with Djibouti for the access of Djibouti Port
Facilities and Cargo+ Passenger Railways since 1970’s.
“Since Eritrea’s independence, Ethiopia’s primary trade conduit has been the Red
Sea port of Djibouti, but that hasn’t come cheap. Djibouti charges Ethiopia over a
billion dollars annually in port fees, a huge sum for a country where nearly a fifth
of the population of 119 million is still dependent on food aid.
For years, the government has been contemplating diversification in Kenya,
Somalia, and Sudan; Ethiopian officials visited Kenya’s Lamu port for discussions
in August.”(3)
Ethiopia has commercial agreements with Both Kenya, and Sudan for the use of
Lamu and Port Sudan port facilities of Kenya & Sudan respectively.
So in conclusion, there is no issue of not accessibility to sea issue with Ethiopia
currently, but a deeper, and profound Geostrategic and political proxy plans by
United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 1990’s: that’s the Control and Security of All
Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Ports by UAE.
Pls refer my aeriler article on this issue:
What is the status of Somaliland?
Somaliland was and still is a region in Northwestern ( 6 regions) part of Somalia
which also includes 4 non-ISAAQ regions of SOOL, SANAAQ, and AWDAL
regions in 1960.
In 1991 the remnants of Somali National Movements (SNM) and clan oligarchies
have declared independent country with all pseudo- trappings of Government ,
security and parliament. But, by 2009 and it has gone internal civil wars, inter-
clan violence, Autocracy, massive corruptions, Lack of Government services,
including, health, social services, security & judicial institutions. This created the
On-going clan –wars between Hargeisa and NON_ISAAQ regions, with full civil
war and ethnic-cleansing between Muse Bihi and Non –Isaaq forces who r
determined to Re-join Somalia with their blood .
Somaliland, like the rest of Somalia’s federal states has had Federal
Members(FMP) (60 out 254) in Somalia’s Federal Govt. in Mogadishu, since 2000
Arte conference. Since August, 2023, two Non-Isaaq ( KHATUMA & AWDAL
state of Somalia) regions have been returned /recognized into the Federal system
of Somalia which forfeits & Delegitimize Abiyi’s & Musse Bihi’s MOU since the
so-called “Sea access and land parcel is in Somali State of AWDAL. The MOU is
against Somali independence, sovereignty, & territorial integrity per
UN/AU/IGAD/LOA charters which Somalia is member. It’s a direct assault to its
independence, security, unity of its Nation State, and outright “declarations of war”
by Ethiopia; this is a recipe for proxy wars, state fragmentatio0n and Autocracy in
the Horn of Africa (HOA) region.
Abiye’s End-Game on Red Sea and the Greater
Horn region(HOA).
In 2018, when Prime minister Abiye, Ahmed, there was great hope for peace,
prosperity and development in the region. There was a Trilateral peace
agreements(s) was signed between the Two presidents of Eritrea and Somalia ;
President Issyas AFWERKI,of Eretria and President Abdullahi Mohamed
FARMAJO of Somalia in Asmara, Eritrea.(4)
The Tripartite Agreement, formally titled the Joint Declaration on Comprehensive
Cooperation Between Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea, states that given their “close
ties of geography, history, culture and religion as well as vital common interests”
and “respecting each other’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial …
It was followed By further ministerial and high-level meetings in The second
tripartite meeting was planned for November 2018, with the three national leaders
meeting in Gondar and Bahir Dar in Amhara Region.[5]
On 27 January 2020, Abiy, Issyas and Farmaajo held a tripartite meeting in
Asmara. They adopted a Joint Plan of Action for 2020 focussing on “peace,
stability, security, and economic and social development” and including a
“security” component to “combat and neutralise … terrorism, arms and human
trafficking and drugs smuggling”.[6 ]. Martin Plaut, a British journalist
specialising in Africa, commented on the lack of a press conference following the
meeting, And on the the 27 January Tripartite meeting, together with bilateral
meetings by Abiy to an Eritrean military base in July 2020, Farmaajo to Asmara on
4 October 2020, and Isaias to the Harar Meda Airport air base in Bishoftu on 14–
15 October 2020 were used by the three leaders to discuss and prepare strategy for
the Tigray War.[7 ].
But, Abiye had a semester strategic plan of his own. An Orwellian Agenda of
Kush/Oromumia based ideology of Oromo Supremacy & domination of all other
non-Oromo ethnics of Ethiopia.(8) funded supported and encouraged by United
Arab Emirates(UAE).
Abiye’s Grand strategy is, in order to rule populace Ethiopia with its 120 million
population and 80 different ethnic groups he needs to keep the country in
permanent wars both internally and externally against neighboring countries, so as
to weaken Any opposition forming or uniting against his Un-democratic and
Dictatorial rule.
Secondly, He is playing High stakes for his Arab patron/Proxy Master – The
United Arab Emirates’(UAE) who has founded his Tigrey and Fano Amhara
Wars and personally Gouged him in to the Somaliland – Red Sea / Gulf of Aden
Port. Thus, Abiye, Ahmed is killing two birds with one stone.
UAE Role in the Horn:
The UAE has been actively undermining all countries in the HOA region since
2000. From Djibouti, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Somalia and ALL Red Sea, Gulf
of Aden and Indian Ocean Basin sea ports to be mouth-balled and taken over by
its DP world masquerading as an Honest Investor rather than a hostile agent of
destabilization and Deceit.
Examples are bound from Djibouti , Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and even with
The United Arab Emirates(UAE) has been gradually underwritten Abiy Ahmed’s
rule since he came to power in 2018. It has personally financed Abiyi vast new
palace , a vanity project outside of the capital at the tone of over $10 billion price
tag. It has financed supported and armed his military campaigns against initially
the war against TPLF in Tigrey with both money and material. And latter on , his
wars with Fano Amhara, and The Oromo Liberation Front(OLF).
With UAE’s political, diplomatic, financial and military support Ethiopia Goes
Rogue and a Proxy of UAE in the region. The Abiye _Muse Bihi MOU is a by-
product of this Emirati (Geopolitical Agenda) Proxy war on Somalia and the rest of
Greater Horn region. “This illegal action between two political desperados facing
similar bleak political future. Each is desperate need for a quick fix like a drug
addict , that could change his political fate. Abiye became more belligerent last
year when he asserted his country was exploring all options to secure a port by way
of diplomatic negotiation or by military means. And Muse Bihi knows that power
continues to slip out of his hands since August 2023 Defeat in GOOJACADE by
SSC-Khatuuma state of Somalia, and Unless he succeeds in securing a fake phony
Pseudo-“RECOGNITION” for Somaliland he has No chance of remaining in
power what so ever” (9).
Strategic Importance of Red Sea & Gulf of Aden
The strategic importance of Red Sea and Gulf of Aden has grown extensively since 1990’s as a
result of economic, military and technological developments, specially to the Red Sea Basin
/Littoral countries of Egypt, Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.
The Red Sea is increasingly the most profitable , and shortest transit-route for oil , and cargo
Commercial Container Shipping passes from the Narrow –straits of Bab-el-Mandep all the way
tto the Mediterranean sea via the Suez Canal.
“ The entire Red Sea and Gulf of Aden coastline , from suez canal to northern Somalia in the
south has emrged as a geostrategic hotspot over the past decades . Major global and regional
players sought to establish bases in the region. And countries as diverse as the USZ, Russia,
China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Japan, France, Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have
systematically expanded their military footprints”(10)
Conclusions & Recommendations for Somali
Somali President, Government and its people should Express their extreme and
Utter Anger, Opposition to, abhorrence and Affront against Abiye’s Illegal, and
aggressive land-grab and war on our Independence, Integrity, Sovereignty and
territorial integrity.
The Federal Government should engage constructive conversations and diplomatic
efforts with Awdal State, Hargeisa , Berbera and Khatuuma state of Somalia
residents and elders, leaders to address their concerns and creat unity and
cooperation among the peoples of the North of Somalia Urgently.
1) It should sever all Diplomatic, economic, political and Bilateral relations
with Both 1) Ethiopia and 2) UAE effective Immediately.
2) The Fderal Govt. Should Expell Both Ambassadors from the countery and
recall both Somali enovoys from Addis Ababa & Abu Dhabai respectively,
Effecive immediately.
3) The Federal Governemnt should ABONDON its strategy to enticing specific
individuals and convince that its poor policy of pacification while
dominating two cities has harmfull repercussions for Somalia.
4) The Federal Govct should Cancell /Prevent Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates
from Somalia and Somali Air Riights. Effective Immediately.
5) Send Somali /Eritrean Troops+Security Forces in AWDAL & Khatuma
States of Somalia effective immediately.
6) Cancel UAE – SOMALIA Military, Econ omic and Technical support
7) The Fedral Governement should SIGN a MILITARY PACT with TURKEY
(50 yrs) Effective Immediately.
8) The federal Government should also sign a SECUIRTY AGREEMENT and
PACT with ERITREA and invite its forces in AWDAL, Hargeisa and
9) Effective immediately.
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