Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – I by Prof. megalommatis muhammad shamsaddin , feb.1, 2021

Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – I

Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – I

Part I: Turkey must withdraw from NATO and become Member State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at once!
https:/Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – I
Part I: Turkey must withdraw from NATO and become Member State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at once!
https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/2021/02/01/turkey-and-china-an-alliance-to-conquer-the-world-i/ /megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/2021/02/01/turkey-and-china-an-alliance-to-conquer-the-world-i/

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Feb 1, 2021, 5:12 AM (5 days ago)
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Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – I
Part I: Turkey must withdraw from NATO and become Member State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at once!


Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis comments on current World Affairs

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Turkey and China: an Alliance to Conquer the World – I

Part I: Turkey must withdraw from NATO and become Member State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at once!

The forthcoming death of the West is inevitable. The monstrous and inhuman conquistadores, who went out of Spain to commit genocide in Mexico and Peru, the barbarian Portuguese, who left their land to make war on the civilized and peaceful Somali and other East African Muslim sultanates, the primitive French, who moved out of their cursed land to invade the world for the benefit of their incestuous bogus-kings, the savage English, who turned their useless island into a butchery of other nations (Scots, Welsh, etc.), before attempting to colonize the Earth, and the vulgar Dutch, who -being unable to live in their Nether Lands- turned the islands of the Indonesian nations into a real Nether World on the surface of the Earth, are about to get extinguished as nations and demolished as states. And English will soon cease to be an international language. No one needs it; Chinese Mandarin is richer, better and more eloquent.



The corrupt, sick and evil nations of France and England, after enslaving numerous nations in their territories-cemeteries (Basks, Catalans, Occitans, Corsicans, Bretons and Alsatians in France; Irish, Scots and Welsh in England), set up a long plan, stretched over centuries, and achieved to successively destroy the Mughal Empire of South Asia, the Safavid-Afsharid-Qajar Empire of Iran, and the Ottoman Empire. Their plan would have been completed, had not the greatest statesman of the 20th century, Kemal Ataturk, prevented them from doing so. The existence of the secular state of Turkey means -for the Satanic capitals Paris and London- that the barbaric targets of their academies, administrations, diplomacies, and armies have not been accomplished.

The same evil colonial empires, mobilizing others after the typical manner of hyenas and wild dogs, attempted to also invade the Qing Empire of China. Their ‘allies’ in the project, namely Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Japan and US, were gullible enough to be cheated by the French and the English by means of ‘sharing a big pie’; this is so because the completion of the evil plan would surely be beneficial to the naïve allies of the Paris and London criminals, but it would catapult England and France to world dominance. At the end, similarly with what occurred in Asia’s westernmost confines thanks to Kemal Ataturk, the colonial forces failed to occupy China; despite all the Unequal Treaties (不平等條約), the Concessions and the Boxer Protocol (辛丑各國和約), which involved England, France, Japan, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, the US, Holland, Belgium, and Spain (indemnity was paid by China also to Portugal, Sweden and Norway!), the historical nucleus of continental China remained independent.


Consequently, thanks to only Turkey and China, the colonial powers failed to achieve their targets in Asia; quite contrarily, in Africa, they colonized the entire Black Continent, due also to the cooperation with their local criminal stooge, the Amhara-led Abyssinia, which annexed the kingdoms of the Oromos, the Kaffas, the Sidamas, the Hadiyas, the Afars and many other African nations, notably the Ogaden Somalis. One has however to bear in mind that the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians are not Africans but, being Semitic of origin, they originate from Yemen.

Drawing on anti-colonial traditions, convictions and struggles, but being too unsophisticated to possibly resist the European colonial powers’ infiltration, the United States was gradually transformed, during the 19th c., from beacon of anti-colonialism to a colonial instrument that diffused darkness, lawless laws, inhuman theories, monstrous ideas, and savage practices worldwide.

As Germany and Italy participated in the colonial competition only briefly and only because of their rightful antagonism with France and England, one cannot take them as historical colonial powers. Germany does not belong to the West, but has been after 1945 under permanent Western occupation, and the present political system does not represent the German identity and the wishes of the German nation. The eternal return of the Drang nach Osten every now and then, as fundamental concept of the German intellectual, cultural and spiritual identity, constitutes full proof of the fact that Germany is an Oriental nation. Wagner,  Goethe, Fichte, Athanasius Kircher, Friedrich II von Hohenstaufen, and Friedrich I Barbarossa have nothing Western in them. Italy may be the cradle of Renaissance, but in the 3-millennium long History of Rome and the Italian Peninsula, this must be considered as a deviation and an exception; as a matter of fact, the Roman Empire competed for hundreds of years with Arsacid and Sassanid Iran for prevalence in the Orient. An unprecedented cataclysm of Oriental cults, religions, cultures and theories swept the Roman Empire during and after the 1st c. BCE, duly obliterating every notion of the Roman Republic and every element of non-Oriental (i.e. barbaric) nature. Christianity is an Oriental religion par excellence.

Today, the Western World, after diffusing its 5-century long falsification of the historical past, scientific forgery, theoretical aberration, ideological distortion, cultural abnormality, socio-political corruption, economic ravenousness (all the colonial countries’ achievements are due to wealth stripped from other nations), and overall inhumanity, is doomed to implode, explode and disappear. Deeply plunged in internal strives that reflect the opposite concepts, spiritual practices, material targets, and worldwide agendas of the Western World’s major components and secret orders, the West is predestined to disintegrate and go extinct. Little matters whether France and England will collapse differently from, or prior to, the US. Their situation is very well known to the panicked gangsters, who rule these states that are engulfed in a multitude of internal and external conflicts. That’s why the colonial masterminds, in their confrontation with one another and with all the other sound nations of this world, try persistently and desperately to do what they have always done: export their problems, conflicts, mental sickness, moral corruption, and inhuman monstrosity, thus triggering worldwide chaos and disasters.

Only an idiot and a liar believe that the derelict states of US, England and France will longer exist. However, although in such miserable state, the various criminal cliques that rule these countries are still highly dangerous. This is so because they will try to destroy states and spread a conflagration of wars in order to survive; this is surely a delusion, but the entire world may face a nuclear conflagration until these evil states and ruling classes get lost.

All Turks must imperatively shift their thought from the silly stereotype “Kemal Ataturk wanted Turkey to be a Western or Western European country, state and society”; this is a lie. He did not. In 1919, when Kemal Ataturk started his gigantic feat, he wanted to make of the new state, which he finally launched officially in 1923 with Turkey’s First Constitution, a powerful, modern and technologically advanced state that would at the same time enable the Turkish nation to preserve its Anatolian historical continuity, moral integrity, and cultural identity.

Right or wrong, at the time of Kemal Ataturk, the technologically and militarily advanced countries of the world were located in Central – Western Europe and North America. In only two decades, the ashamed, defeated, backward and useless Ottoman Empire was spectacularly transformed into a victorious, expanding, advanced, well-systematized Turkey that fostered discipline, order and national unity because of the existence of one party only. Women were socially equal to men in Ataturk’s Turkey and therefore voted in elections, two years before women were endowed with this privilege in corrupt and perverse France. It is therefore quite clear that ‘modernization’ was not meant as ‘westernization’ in Ankara.

In this regard, the distinguished Prof. Erol Manisalı, widely considered as Turkey’s foremost Kemalist but in reality consisting in Turkey’s most genuine interpreter of Kemal Ataturk’s mindset, concepts, choices and decisions, reminded Ataturk’s true words to everyone in an excellent article that was recently published (1/12/2020) in Turkey’s most acclaimed newspaper Cumhuriyet under the meaningful title “Erdoğan’ın ‘Avrupa çıkışı’nın arkası” (Behind Erdogan’s ‘European exit’). After a brief but very convincing analysis, the venerable academician made a sentence only to include a most crucial statement made back in the 1920s by Kemal Ataturk: «”İstikametimiz Avrupa değil, bilim ve çağdaş uygarlık değerleridir” dedi». («”Our destination is not Europe, but science and contemporary civilization values”, he said»). https://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/yazarlar/erol-manisali/erdoganin-avrupa-cikisinin-arkasi-1795152

Post WWII Europe abandoned the values of contemporary civilization and now, along with America, will get decomposed and disappear. Kemal Ataturk would never accept homosexual marriages, adoption of children by so-called homosexual couples, and all the other evil notions and inhuman concepts of the American ‘Democrats’, Western European libertarians, cosmopolitan leftists, and cultureless Marxists.

Today, in striking contrast with the decayed colonial states of US, France and England, China is the embodiment of technological advance, anti-colonial struggle, cultural value preservation, historical heritage promotion, and unbiased academic life. Starting with Deng Xiaoping (邓小平), the Chinese realized that they should act in the manner Kemal Ataturk did six (6) decades earlier as regards earlier forms of Western non-hereditary states. They therefore selected and retained those among the elements of Mao’s Marxism-Leninism that could be locally adaptable, culturally adjustable, and consequently useful to the Chinese tradition, heritage and identity.

In the beginning of the 21st c., China and Turkey are the world’s most solidary empires; the two states are complementary to one another in a unique, historical, cultural and geo-strategic way. Turkey is the most indispensable state for the promotion of China’s universal interests in the western confines of the Afro-Eurasiatic landmass. China is the most indispensable state for the promotion of Turkey’s Pan-Turanian and Pan-Islamic interests worldwide. As both empires can expand and triumph worldwide only on the basis of Kemal Ataturk’s concept of and approach to governance, Turkey can evidently help China with the modernization of the education, culture, mentality and way of life of Uighurs, who did not have until now the chance to understand Islam in the way Kemal Ataturk did and organize their education, cultural life, and socio-economic advance accordingly.

Pretty much like China, Turkey cannot tolerate the present state of fragmentation in Western Asia, i.e. the former territories of the Ottoman Empire that the colonial gangsters of the West baptized with the nonexistent term “Middle East”.

Pretty much like Turkey, China cannot tolerate the present state of fragmentation in the inner, central parts of Asia, i.e. the vast territories of former Timurid Turanian empires that were pulverized due to multiple colonial schemes only to be terribly transfigured and misrepresented by English and French colonial academics and Orientalists, who invented the meaningless term “Central Asia” for these lands of high civilization. Central Asia is Turan.

Pretty much like Kemal Ataturk was a paradigm for Deng Xiaoping’s elimination of useless theories that contradict World History, distort Human Culture, prevent peaceful development, and guarantee worldwide advance for all the nations, today’s China must become the perfect example for all Turks, who must unite in a new, single party, composed of all tendencies, return to Ataturk’s practices, and come up with Türkiye Cumhuriyeti 2.0, namely reinstate the Constitution of 1923.

If all Turks unite into a new, one-party Republic like at the time of Kemal Ataturk, it is certain that Turkey’s worst enemies (France, England, US, Israel) will immediately realize the catastrophic consequences that such an act will have for their existence. Before the idiotic Brussels bureaucrats interrupt Turkey’s contacts and negotiations with EU (https://www.ab.gov.tr/), Ankara must issue an announcement declaring the negotiations as forever terminated and all hitherto valid agreements as canceled {the infamous Customs Union agreement (1995) included}.

Turkey will complete 70 years of NATO membership only at expense of its territorial integrity, internal stability, and national safety. The different groups of power that determine NATO long-term decisions and practices have great differences among them and they are in permanent and terrible clash against one another, because their agendas differ greatly either worldwide or specifically, about the future of NATO. However, the common denominator of all agendas and schemes is the destruction of Ankara, the dismemberment of Turkey, and the subsequent formation of Greater Kurdistan, Greater Armenia, one Turkish secular state in Western Anatolia, a Turkish religious state in Central Anatolia, one moderate Muslim Turkish state in Thrace, and one Christian Orthodox religious state in the “island of Constantinople”.

This will be a geographical reality in case a totally idiotic or treacherous government in Ankara goes ahead and self-disastrously implements the paranoid Istanbul Canal plan (creation of an artificial canal between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, beyond the western suburbs and outskirts of today’s Istanbul (Lake Küçükçekmece). This shows that the Treaty of Sèvres represents something much more important than just the English, French and Italian caprices in the aftermath of WW I. Six states instead of one is the punishment that awaits states that were ruled by ignorant idiots, who were not qualified even to be shoeshine boys for their whole lives long. The only way for Ankara to avert its forthcoming split and final elimination is to leave at once the place where all Turkey’s enemies are gathered: NATIO.

In 2021, Turkey must suddenly, unilaterally and unequivocally withdraw from this wasp nest and instantly become member state of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).


The reasons that force Turkey and China to become today’s world’s closest allies are numerous. The common targets that Ankara and Beijing must set encompass everything from elimination of lethal threats to worldwide prevalence to the long awaited Pax Turco-Sinica! The present world needs to be erased from the surface of the Earth and China and Turkey are up to the task!

The present article is the first of a series that will help all Turks-Turanians-Muslims and all Chinese understand that the merge of the two worlds, the Chinese and the Turco-Islamic spheres, is the only means of survival for the entire Mankind, enlightened by the Oriental Light that today only China and Turkey still represent, preserve, protect and radiate.


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