Turkey, Prof. Huntington, Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek, and the Antichrist (2007) Shamsaddin Megalommatis


Turkey, Prof. Huntington, Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek, and the Antichrist



By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

May 25, 2007 (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=27953)


Among the worst cases of villainous distortion and hateful misinformation as regards Turkey’s secular identity and secularized Islam is the paranoid and pathetic composition of the Indian, masqueraded American, Fareed Zakaria. Dangerous more than Ossama bin Laden, the purported Muslim emigrant from Bombay pursues an unprecedented and sophisticated policy of subversion that should bring forth disastrous results and far reaching ramifications.

The disguised as moderate Muslim, Indian-born, American represents one of the most serious threats against the United States’ role in the world, against Western Democracy, and against the possibility of de-barbarizing and humanizing today’s deviate, erratic and terrorist Islam. He does so because he got this sort of lectures from his illustrious professor: Samuel Huntington. Fareed Zakaria knows his professor’s plan and acts accordingly.

Huntington against the Vietnamese, Fareed Zakaria against the Turks

One has however to remember that the famous intellectual gangster, pseudo-professor Huntington supported Lyndon Johnson’s mass extermination policies and practices in 1968 Vietnam. He actually wrote an article to support massive bombardments to depopulate rural areas in Vietnam, therefore amassing the quasi-totality of the survivors in the ‘urban centers’ (which means – properly speaking – slums).

Precisely 39 years after his murderous and criminal professor shamelessly published that antihuman article, Fareed Zakaria, villainously envying his professor’s vain and defamatory glory, writes another article to support a worst and more inhuman purpose: the destruction and ultimate dismantlement of Turkey’s secular state and ideological system that is the Humanity’s only chance of an effective and lasting break wave against the rise of Islamic Terrorism (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18507649/site/newsweek/).

Few people can truly and effectively measure the extent of the paranoid attempt. News agencies and Mass media falsify and distort world developments by criminally omitting every reference to the nature and the rise of the Islamic Terrorism. Playing on this, America’s most famous Islamic Terrorist, Fareed Zakaria targets the only obstacle remaining to the rise of an Islamic Terrorist leader in the Middle East who would merge many states in an ultimate assault against Israel, and Jerusalem.

Fareed Zakaria belongs to a group that facilitates the rise of this bogus-leader, and his seditious article helps a lot in presenting as normal something that is not normal: the replacement of the Turkish Secular Democratic Establishment by the group of Islamic Terrorists, Erdogan and Abduallah Gul, the bogus-islamization of Turkey according to the model of bogus-Islamic Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan, and the ensuing formation of a state – tool at the hands of Russia’s leaders, who want to drive British and Americans out of the Middle East.

Fareed Zakaria: the Bad Student of the Wrong Professor – S. Huntington

In recognition of his professor’s decisive support geared to propel him at America’s top magazine Newsweek editorial board, Fareed Zakaria contributes to the most effective materialization of his professor’s irrelevant and pathetic book about the Clash of Civilizations.

The ridiculous and inflammatory professor Samuel Huntington unleashed a most devilish concept in the 90s, namely that of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’. This is a most erratic and devious fabrication of concept. There is no Clash of Civilizations, There cannot be a Clash of Civilizations. Throughout History, there had never been a Clash of Civilizations.

There can be and effectively there have been many Clashes of Religion; Polytheistic Ammonite Religion against Amarna Monotheism, Assyrian Sargonid Monotheism against Elamite and Babylonian Polytheism, Babylonian Religion against Jewish Religion, Official Roman Christianity against Arianism, Monophysitic Eastern Christianity, and Nestorianism, Christianity against Manichaeism, Mithraism against Zoroasterianism, Zendism, and Mazdeism, Mazdeism against Manichaeism, Gnosticisms against Christianity, Mazdakism against Mazdeism, Manichaeism and Mithraism, Christianity against Mithraism and Isidism (that were extensively diffused throughout the Roman Empire), Islam against Christianity, Manichaeism, Mazdeism and Hinduism, Christianity against Judaism, Catholic Christianity against Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Christianity against Icon-Fighters (Eikonomachoi), Paulicianism, Islam, and Bogomiles, Catholic Christianity against Islam, Cathars, Knights Templar, and Rosicrucians, Catholic Christianity against Protestants, etc, etc, etc; and as many already know, the list is so extensive that one can fill an entire book by just epigrammatic mentioning the Clashes and Wars of Religions.

Clashes of Religions, clashes of states, clashes of ideologies, and clashes of peoples. All this happened; a clash of civilizations never did and never will.

All types of clashes and wars that occurred during the History of the Mankind were never a Clash of Cultures or a Clash of Civilizations.

The difference between two cultures is a difference between the religions, the philosophies, the ideologies, and the behavioural systems that pertain to two different peoples and societies. The difference between two civilizations is a difference that refers also to material results of daily activities of two peoples. But there was never a Clash between two peoples and / two states due to their differences in terms of architecture, literature, art, artisan practices, pottery, metallurgy, etc. You don’t fight a war because your nutrition is based on beans and not on macaroni!

Wars have been fought either because of Clashes of religions, philosophies, and ideologies, or because of Clashes of political and economic interest.

Then why Prof. Huntington, member of the Trilateral, spoke of a ‘Clash of Civilizations’? Certainly because he did not have the academic courage and the intellectual force to call it ‘Clash of Religions’. Prof. Huntington sought to impress, not to analyze; whom could one possibly impress by saying something as common as that wars of religion have ceaselessly taken place throughout the History of the Mankind? Probably none!

Prof. Huntington’s Satanic borderlines, and the Heralded Leaders

As it happens, it has become clear that his article, book and thesis about the non extant concept was not geared to only impress; in reality, the main purpose was to herald events that a group of power would attempt to trigger. In other words, it was meant to lead the world to these border lines of group of countries that are supposedly culturally different.

The forgery now is better revealed, and we can understand that not reflection of the reality but creation of butchery is desperately sought after. How India, depicted in orange colour in the disreputable bogus-map of Prof. Huntington, is viewed as so strikingly different than the green coloured Muslim world? With more than 150 million Muslims, India is today a multicultural entity that cannot be considered as the ‘realm of the Hindu civilization’!

But Prof. Huntington and the Trilateral want India as an ally to America and Europe. The plans of this group seem to wish a rapprochement between Russia and the Orthodox world (sky blue) on one hand and the Muslim world on the other. Turkey stands alone in-between these two groups, and is the only country in green-blue colour. Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Montenegro and the bi-national island of Cyprus seem to have the same colour as Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. In the Balkans, only Albania and Bosnia are depicted in green. Kosovo seems to be in the same colour as Serbia.

This can happen only through the forthcoming Balkan War that would oppose Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Turkey to Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, whereby the NATO could meet a dead end. This would war would be extremely helpful for Russian diplomacy in many ways:

– outmaneuver NATO

– make a solid bridge to the Muslim world,

– outmaneuver EU’s plans for control of Ukraine and the Balkans, and

– present itself as the ultimate leader of an alliance involving the entire Muslim world, Southeastern Europe, and China.

For this to happen, it would require only the following:

– Turkey would prevail over Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria

– Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria would prevail over Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

– Russia would arrange an entire peace plan, whereby Turkey would return invaded territories to Greece and Bulgaria, Serbia would keep part of Kosovo, and the price to pay would be

* for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania to withdraw from the EU

* for Albania to unite with part of Kosovo and forget the rest

* for Macedonia to survive, and

* for all to exit from NATO.

In the compromise, Turkey would get recognition as the Muslim world’s leading country, and would receive overwhelming support to conduct a virulent attack of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia against Israel, ensuring the Zionist state’s extermination, and Russian fleet’s permanence in the Palestinian shore.

For this to happen, Turkey should not be secular but gradually slip towards the presently barbaric Muslim world so that they would possibly accept it as leader. As it is clear that the hysterical paranoia of the anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist populations of uncivilized and uneducated Muslims (particularly the Arabic speaking analphabetic barbaric masses) have reached a culminating point, one could argue that they would follow anyone attacks Israel. In fact, the re-islamization of Turkey is not a prerequisite for the country in order to lead the lewd and impoverished masses of the Middle East. It is a necessity for the simple removal of the military and the secularist establishment of Turkey that would never make of Israel and NATO two targets.

The elimination of the prevailing Reason among the Ankara and Istanbul secularist, military – economic – academic – political establishment is definitely sought after by Moscow. It would however look obvious for an American professor to help Russia and the Muslim world form an alliance and rise to great alliance – counterbalance to America.

Yet, this would help America and Europe tremendously; first it would help America shake and then keep Europe under control. As Europe depends more than America does on Russia and the Muslim world for energy purposes, and as Europe is widely exposed to Muslim immigration, the agitation would be terrible, taking the form of riots and at the most advanced level the shape of a revolution.

The shock will be as terrible as Prof. Huntington and the Trilateral need in order to end up at once European Liberalism, European Welfare state, and European Humanism, opening space necessary for a vicious person to rise in power and in force seek to revenge over Russia, Turkey, the Muslim World because of the earlier destruction of Israel. That person would unite Europe under a radical form of Christianity (closer to what we know today as Evangelical ‘Christianity’) and through unprecedented militarization and resource exploitation would lead a ferocious war, aiming at the most definite annihilation of masses and peoples of the Middle East.

America’s most secretive interests as conceived by Prof. Huntington and the Trilateral would therefore be better served by Europe at a moment America would be fallen to second rank power, as expected natural disasters would ensure. The plan implementation is becoming urgent because in the – emptied from their present populations – countries millions of Europeans and Americans have to be relocated (especially in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Gulf countries, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Eritrea, and Abyssinia) as early as possible, as total ecological collapse is expected before 2012. The rise of a Middle Eastern extremist and hateful leader, a Russian dictator, who would try to maneuver the Middle Eastern leader in a frontal anti-Western alliance, and a European hysterical emperor should not be a matter of great surprise. All the devilish elements are there, perfectly corresponding to the needs of disoriented and manipulated masses. These leader will meet existing demand. And this is one of the reasons Erdogan rose to power so easily; offering fake remedy to psychologically wounded elements of the Turkish society, and sending strong indications that he would cooperate with Russia.

Since Erdogan helps implement Huntington’s plan, Huntington’s former student, Fareed Zakaria felt obliged to support him. In the next article we will analyze his erratic text.



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